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Sara Mortazavi Studio

Great Architecture
Creates a Great Life Style

What We Do

  • Study & Research
  • Design & Consultation
  • Presentation
  • Supervision

 Gathering information and discussing them with the employers in order to obtain accurate information about the status quo as well as current and future needs of the project.
 Inquiring about the project users’ preferences and requirements regarding the architectural space during consulting sessions.
 Performing field observations and obtaining detailed information about the project such as location, scale, dimensions, neighborhoods, views, fixed and unfixed elements, and available installations.
 Investigating the structural conditions, safety and standards of the existing building with attention to the space function and regional rules.
 Analyzing the type of regional architecture, the ways to bring innovation in design while preserving the physical – vernacular values.
 Assessing the materials of current market and prices, evaluating the available elements and materials in the site, and possibility of changing or replacing them.
 Studying climatic features of the region (wind direction, sun direction, humidity, acoustic) and analyzing their effects.

 Preparing charts and diagrams so as to present the physical relations of architectural spaces (vertical and horizontal connections, interior and exterior circulations in addition to separating functions in every part)
 Presenting ideograms and primary concepts
 Implementing interior design including the proper layout of walls in order to create necessary spaces regarding the functionality and architectural values.
 Implementing outdoor design with respect to the interior (terraces, yards, …)
 Implementing lighting design with special attention to the quality of space at night.
 Designing interior furniture layout including old and new fabrics and decorative components
 Designing decorative fabrics design including furniture and accessories (in case of the employers’ requests and requirement.)
 Giving advice to clients so as to have convenient, functional and flexible spaces.
 Selecting appropriate furniture and accessories.
 Selecting colors.
 Selecting lighting fixtures.
 Selecting finishes and materials (wall covering, window treatments, floor covering, ceiling covering)

 Presenting detailed drawings, maps and albums including measurements, coding and lighting maps (maps include plans, interior facades, interior cross sections)
 Presenting three-dimensional renders using appropriate modeling software (Auto CAD, 3D Studio Max, Rhino, sketch up)
 Animation presentation (in case of the employers’ requests)

 Supervising on good execution of designed plans with respect to all standards, regulations and needs