Conceptual Architecture

From Wikipedia Conceptual architecture is a form of architecture that utilizes conceptualism, characterized by an introduction of ideas or concepts from outside of architecture often as a means of expanding the discipline of architecture.

When referring to architecture; a concept is an idea, thought or notion that forms the backbone and foundation of a design project and one that drives it forward. It becomes the force and identity behind a projects progress and is consistently consulted throughout every stage of its development.

By focusing on key constructs and abstractions rather than a proliferation of technical details, conceptual architecture provides a useful vehicle for communicating the architecture to non-technical audiences, such as management, marketing, and in some cases users.

Sara Mortazavi Design Studio works on Conceptual architecture to improve the level of architecture design, imagination and creativity in the office and to make an effective communication environment for the members.

Each design has the own story…

Conceptual Design by Sara Mortazavi