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Natural Light in Interior Design

Architects and interior designers have been using natural light for centuries in their plans and designs. From large windows designed to add space to otherwise compact living spaces to small skylights for lighting internal rooms, natural light plays a huge role in creating comfortable, enjoyable living and work spaces.
In this quick guide, we’ve looked at seven of the biggest benefits of natural light for architects and interior designers. Whether you’re building a home or designing the perfect office, read on to learn how natural light plays a major role in creating great living and work spaces.

1. Spacious rooms
Natural light plays a major role in our perception of space. Architects have known for centuries that spaces lit naturally tend to feel more spacious and expansive than spaces lit by artificial lighting.
This is why so many offices have large windows allowing a great deal of sun to enter their rooms. Focusing on natural light allows you to create a space that feels bigger and more comfortable than its artificially lit counterparts.

2. Truer colors
Colors look deeper, more natural, and far more pleasing to the eye when they’re lit by natural light. As photographers know, artificial light often makes colors appear in a distinctly unnatural style that ruins their charm or visual style.
From the tan leather on your sofa to the gunmetal gray of your computer, all colors look better when they’re lit by natural light than they do under the harsh light of an outdated artificial lighting system.

3. More energy
Natural light has major benefits for your energy levels. A variety of researchers have noticed a link between exposure to natural light, particularly in the home and office, and steady energy levels late in the day.
By illuminating your work space naturally, you’ll be able to come home from work at the end of each day with more energy and a far greater level of mental and physical clarity.

4. Fresher air
Have you ever walked into a home or office that smells stale? A lack of natural light is one of the most common causes of the stale, uncomfortable smell that most of us have noticed upon entering a dark, damp home or office.
With large windows and skylights, your home will remain free of mold, mildew, and the dangerous bacteria that leads to that uncomfortable, unwelcome smell. Enjoy far fresher air, as well as the numerous other benefits of natural light.

5. More comfort
Spaces lit using natural light tend to be more comfortable than their counterparts lit by artificial lighting. Over-illumination is a real issue, and it can often lead to serious health effects like headaches and feelings of discomfort and anxiety.
Although it’s possible to tweak light levels using artificial light to achieve the perfect level of illumination, a far better choice is to rely on natural light during the day and reduce your artificial light dependence to the bare minimum.

6. Timeless style
Look back at pictures of energy-inefficient offices from the 1980s and 1990s and it becomes immediately obvious how dated artificial lighting can be. Until 1995, light levels in offices and retail stores weren’t a serious issue – with obvious effects.
Over the last 20 years, the interior design and architecture community has seen the dated look of artificially lit environments. Today’s naturally lit homes, offices, and stores aren’t just more healthy – they’re also far less likely to date prematurely.

7. Lower expenses
Energy efficiency has become a major focus of many architects, and designing offices and homes to achieve the lowest possible levels of energy consumption is something that many architects pride themselves on.
Working with an architect that’s well versed in energy efficient design is a great way to build a healthier, more timeless home while also reducing the amount you spend on electricity and maintenance.